Ursula devours Oksi with vicious P974-M worth of devastation

Typhoon Ursula showed no mercy to SAMARICA, Occidental Mindoro handing almost one billion peso or P 974 million worth of damages to agriculture and properties, December 25.

Christmas songs were hardly heard in the municipalities of Sablayan, Magsaysay, Rizal, San Jose and Calintaan on December 25 as deafening wind of great gust lay into waste almost everything on its way.

According to the 11-page initial Damage Assessment Report No. 6 prepared by Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO), damages to agriculture and properties registered a consolidated amount of P 974,299,200.12, thousands more shy away from hitting P1B mark.

Damaged households, displaced families

Identified partially and totally damaged households numbered to 33,060, displacing 12,007 individuals from 2,842 families.

The Municipality of San Jose has the most number of displaced persons, followed by Calintaan with 2,148, representing 546 and 533 families respectively.

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Damaged properties

Reports on damaged properties include partially/totally damaged households, schools and barangay/municipal structures.

While validation is still on-going for its partially (3,666) and totally damaged (14,408) households , the Municipality of San Jose already has an estimated cost of P 140,540,000 damage on its twenty (20) schools alone.

This is in addition to P 4,956,855.00 damage on infrastructures including San Jose District Hospital, Health Centers, and Public Market.


The Municipality of Calintaan at one hand has sustained P 94,648,874 .00 for households and schools

In terms of roads and bridges, Ursula dragged the the amount to P47,000,000.00 including P 38,000,000.00 suffered by municipal/roads in twelve (12) barangays in Magsaysay.

Reports cited heavy rain as the culprit for washed out gravel roads, along with sea water heavily bruising slope protection.

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Rice and corn crops

Rice paddies were also massively battered registering P 13,304,330.30 wastage. On top of which is the Municipality of Rizal contributing P8,065,839.80.

Rice damage reports from Sablayan is not yet included.

Ursuala again pushed Rizal on top as per damaged corn. Out of P 61,811,260.00 total estimated cost, the latter brought in P16,488,000.00 and P6,055,000.00, or a total of P22,543,000.00, for crops in reproductive and vegetative stage respectively.

Regional Director Mario S. Baquilod, MD of Department of Health – Center for Health Development (DOH-CHD) MIMAROPA led the inspection of health facilities damaged by typhoon Ursula to identify possible rehabilitation and development assistance. With him is Vice Gov. Peter Alfaro, Rizal Mayor Sonny Pablo, San Jose Mayor Muloy Festin and Occidental Mindoro Development Management Officer V Michael Enarbia, MD, MPH. January 9, 2020. Photo courtesy of Vice Gov. Peter Alfaro.

The NDRRMP covers four thematic areas, namely, (1) Disaster Prevention and Mitigation; (2) Disaster Preparedness; (3) Disaster Response; and (4) Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery, which correspond to the structure of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan 2011 – 2028

Sablayan came in second with P15,876,000.00 for newly planted and in reproductive stage.

With 9 farmers affected, the Municipality of Magsaysay has the least estimated cost of P423,500.00.

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High Value Crops

Covering the period of December 25 to January 9, 2020 as of 5:00pm, damage on high value crops reached P438,068,500.00.

High value crops include garlic, water melon, onion, mungbean, mango, camote, banana, turnipa, peanut and others.

CERTIFIED. Cong. Nene Sato led the distribution of certified onion and palay seeds she requested from DA to affected farmers from the Municipality of San Jose. Affected farmers from Municipality of San Jose. December 30, 2019. Photo by Chanel Cortez Bermudez.

Based on the number affected farmers, the Municipality of San Jose lost P383,359,500.00 worth of high value crops to Ursula.

Onion and melon and in seedling stage and maturing water melo fetched in P32,794,700.00 and P20,040,000.00 accordingly.

Calintaan on the other hand contributed P56,658,784.32, followed by Magsaysay with P 14,428,500.00 damaged high value crops.

CALINTAAN. Bokal Philip Ramirez talks with Brgy. Poblacion Chairman Alexander Jimenez of Calintaan with whom he endorsed the packed food items for his constituents as part of his relief efforts for SAMARICA.


Damages on fish cages and motorized/non-motorized bancas, including seaweeds industry, constitute the damages on fishery sector amounting to P 23,602,676.50.

Bureau of Fishery and Aquatic Resource’s (BFAR) tilapia hatchery in the Municipality of Magsaysay ached so much on Ursula’s onslaught with P7,431,400.00 damage.

Still in Magsaysay, tilapia, hito, sugpo and milk fish either in cages, pond or baklad, were already scheduled for harvest before Ursula dawned at them.

In San Jose, sea weeds and trying materials worth more than P5 million also succumb to Ursula.

The last part of the report include damages on livestock with an estimated cost of P3,557,050.00.

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