Teenager rescued from San Jose covered court roof

A teenager was safely rescued and brought down the ground after he climbed the roof a covered court at the compound of Municipality of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, March 5.

According to Facebook page video post of Municipality of San Jose, Mayor Muloy Festin instructed San Jose LGU Security Head Alejandro Delano and PSSg Ryan Ed Mercado to rescue the teenager who appeared calm and confused on the roof.


The teenager went up the roof unnoticed. He only everyone’s attention when he started hanging himself while holding tightly among steel bars.

At times, the half naked teenager would hook up his two legs at steel bars to rest himself after hanging for a while.

Delano and Mercado also got up on the roof and was able to reach at the teenager’s hand. Two other men joined them including Firefighter FO1 Marvin Bernardo of Bureau of Fire Protection tied up the teenager’s hand to prevent him from falling.

But the teenager is in compromising position and could fall if he would let his feet off the steel the steel which he used to somehow rest his weary body.

The teenager was safely brought down from the covered court’s roof by concerned government personnel. Photo courtesy of San Jose Facebook page.

On the ground, San Jose Mangyan Affairs Coordinator Roger Calaranan boarded inside boom truck work basket which elevated him close to the teenager.

Sensing safety, the teenager joined Calaran inside work basked and was eventually brought down the ground.

FO1 Marvin Bernardo of BFP who tied up the teenager’s hand to avoid from falling off the roof.

At the later part of the video, a woman was interviewed who said the teenager is a high school student. She added that they are still getting information to establish the the teenager’s identity and his reason for climbing the covered court’s roof.

“Ang laki po talaga ng tendency na malaglag sya”, she added. She followed it up by recognizing the heroic acts of FO1 Bernardo and Mangyan Affairs Coordinator Calaranan following Mayor Festin’s call for a boom truck.

“Meron ho talaga tayong heroes sa mga panahong ito. Bagama’t nagtulong-tulong ang lahat, meron po kasi talagang mga tao na nagbuwis ng kanilang buhay para akyating yung covered court ho natin para mailigtas yung lalaki na binabanggit namin na, hindi ko alam kung gusto niyang magpakamatay or kung ba’t sya nandun. Wala pa naman tayong alam. Pero ang laking bagay ho nito dahil mayron tayong isang buhay na na-save.”

Asked about his experience in saving the teenager, FO1 Bernardo said, as per his observation upon his arrival at the scene, there is a great possibility for the teenager to fall.

Luckily, he recalled the municipal plaza has a ladder at the side which led him at the roof with rope at one hand.

FO1 Bernardo also gave his assessment of the teenager and how he acted on the situation.

Photo courtesy of San Jose Facebook page.

“Pwedeng suicidal kasi yung kanya eh. So, life threatening po iyon sa sarili nya. At the same time ang kailangan natin ma-grab yung person, ma-secure sya at ma-avoid natin na ma-fall sya.”

He further explained that he tried to talk with the teenager but refuse to give any answer but was able to secure the latter’s safety with the rope.

“Before po ako bumaba, natalian na sya. Nandoon pa lamang kami sa taas. Abot naman po ang kamay eh. So nilagyan natin sya ng tali doon. In case na malaglag sya, mayroon tayong rope na nandun sa taas. May mga mag-aassist na po doon.”

Had no boom truck, FO1 Bernardo’s option would be to rappel down from roof with the teenager whom he said offered no resistance and has shown non-aggressive behavior in the process.

Mangyan Affairs Coordinator Roger Calarana fetched the teenager from the roof aboard boom truck work basket.

Meanwhile, Mangyang Affairs Coordinator Calaranan said he went inside the boom truck work basket as per Mayor Festin’s instruction although his instincts told him to use a lona or canvass to catch the teenager in case he fall.

Calaranan also recognized FO1 Bernardo’s initial efforts to secure the teenager’s safety for him no to be alarmed or worried.

“Actually Ma’am secured na sya nasa BFP pa lang, kasi nandun sya sa taas. So kami ang ginawa na lang natin, tinulungan na lang natin ang BFP, tsaka yung iba dun, sina Arbon, Kuya Andoy. Tinulungan na lang sila na ma-secure yung lalake sa basket.”


Source: LGU San Jose, Occidental Mindoro “Bayan Ng Makapangyarihang Mamamayan”

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