Sato gets P2.5M from Pasay City for Ursula victims

FROM TRAVEL CITY TO OKSI. Representing in behalf of Occidental Mindoro, Cong. Josephine Ramirez – Sato was able to receive P2.5 million amount of donation from Mayor Emi Calixto – Rubiano and Sangguniang Panlungsod of Pasay City, Philippines.

Ursula victims will have a little more breathing space with P2.5 million donation from the Pasay City government lobbied by Occidental Mindoro Lone District Representative Josephine Ramirez – Sato.

Cong. Ramirez – Sato is all thankful to have received the donation after representing Occidental Mindoro to the city government of Pasay in behalf of four (4) municipalities heavily affected by tropical storm Ursula last December 25.

Ordinance No. 6074 S-2020


By virtue of Pasay City Ordinance No. 6074 S-2020, the amount of two million five hundred thousand pesos (Php2,500,000.00) was taken from the unobligated balance of appropriations under the Office of the City Mayor Executive Budget for Fiscal Year 2020 – Special Purpose Appropriation.

The amount, part of the 5% Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Fund (LDRRMF) – Quick Respond Fund, was taken aside “to be donated to the hereunder municipalities of the Province of Occidental Mindoro adversely affected by typhoon “Ursula” last December 25, 2019 that caused mayor destruction on infrastructure, agricultural production, properties and disruption in resources of livelihood subject to all accounting, auditing, and legal rules and regulations of the matter.”

“WHEREAS, thru the representation of the Congresswoman of Occidental Mindoro, Hon. Josephine Y. Ramirez – Sato, Pasay City is requesting from the Sangguniang Panlungsod to provide cash assistance to several municipalities of Occidental Mindoro due to typhoon “Ursula” last December 25, 2019 that cause major destruction in infrastructure, agricultural production, properties and disruption in resources of livelihood”.

The P2.5 million, as indicated on the said Pasay City Ordinance, will be distributed among four heavily devastated municipalities in Occidental Mindoro, namely:

  • San Jose, Occidental Mindoro | P1,000,000.00
  • Magsaysay | Occidental Mindoro | P500,000.00
  • Rizal, Occidental Mindoro | P500,000.00
  • Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro | P500,000.00

The Aftermath: Ursula devours Oksi with vicious P974-M worth of devastation


From The Inside:

Pasay City Ordinance No. 6074 S-2020 is signed and approved by members of Sangguniang Panlungsod from District I and District II.

Mayor Emi Calixto – Rubiano and “The Travel City”

Pasay City Mayor
Mayor Emi Calixto – Rubiano of Pasay City.

Dubbed as “The Travel City” hosting Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Pasay City is currently under the tutelage of former Congresswoman and now Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano.

Mayor Calixto – Rubiano used to be a member of House of Representatives with whom Congresswoman Josephine Ramirez – Sato worked with.

She is best remembered with House Bill 3827 or the “Bicyclist Act of 2014 she filed during her time as Representative of the Lone District of Pasay City.

The measure aims to build Local Bikeways Offices (LBO) in all cities and municipalities across the country.

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