Rizal fishermen receive fish processing equipment

A handful of fish processing equipment from DTI were granted to fishermen of Municipality of Rizal, Occidental Mindoro through Mayor Sonny Pablo.


According to a post by Rizal Mayor Pablo, the pieces of equipment include Water Purification/Treatment System, Multi-Commodity Solar Tunnel Dryer, Stainless Smokehouse at Foot Impulse Sealer and were turned over to them August 31 by Department of Trade – Occidental Mindoro Provincial Director Nornita S. Guerrero.

Multi-Commodity Solar Tunnel Dryer given to Rizal fishermen by DTI.

The multi-commodity solar tunnel dryer has been adopted by PhilMech as a viable alternative sun drying and use of commercial mechanical dryers. Its benefits include:

  • Cheaper in investment and operation cost than other available commercial mechanical dryers
  • Dries commodities simultaneously, efficiently and hygienically
  • Preserves the quality of dried products longer because of lesser microbial contamination
  • Allows ready supply of processed food products even during lean months
  • Uses locally available materials to suit the needs of farmers and fisherfolks engaged in processing
  • Easy to install/dismantle and maintain
  • Convenient to use
  • Gender friendly, can be used by women

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Mayor Sonny Pablo with fishermen and DTI representatives.

Mayor Pablo also thanked DTI Regional Director Joel B. Valera, CESO II for these blessings that can be used for free by those who are interested in the dried and smoked fish business.

Smoking has a long tradition in food cooking and preservation. Cold and hot smoking processes have, however, different aims and effects on the quality and safety of foods. Smoking combined with heat induces a cooking effect, decreases moisture, reducing microbial load and, depending on process conditions, may favor some ripening by promoting enzymatic action.

Cold smoking is mainly used for flavor and to extend shelf-life due to the antioxidant and antimicrobial effects of smoke compounds.

The pieces of equipment amounting to P970,000.00 are currently housed in the municipality’s Community Fish Landing Center.

Source: Mayor Sonny Pablo

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