Riders love to run around Occidental Mindoro

I often see motorbikes boarding and embarking off passenger ships in Abra de Ilog Port and Batangas City Port. It’s a clear indication that riders are visiting the Province of Occidental Mindoro. And they’re loving it!


What’s With Occidental Mindoro?

For one, the roads from Abra de Ilog all the way to the Municipality of Magsaysay are already concretized. Although there are sections that remain to be improved, the ride will still go just fine.

Starting the engine off they go, riders are met with the glaring agricultural landscape along the road. The aromatic scent of green and golden rice fields takes over the tired, weary, and circling emotions of riders who wish to escape the hassle of city life.

With a limited number of vehicles taking the highway, riders can play around with their speed. Their bikes can roar as hard as they want, at the same time take it slow and lavish the sceneries.

Along the way, mountain ranges may appear to be racing with them. Far from reach, but close enough to witness their might and shape covered with lush green grass and trees.

Regardless of their target destination or municipality to be a soul searcher, blue water awaits them. Whether it be waterfalls beside a monastic hill, a river that flows freely, or an open sea along with coastal areas. The wonders of nature are all there for everyone to see.

Some have made beaches. But an undisturbed shoreline can always provide the best and refreshing feeling. The fresh and salty air is almost more than enough to bring bikers back to life.

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Restaurants? Occidental Mindoro got some. High-end ones can be found in urbanized areas. But they can always cast the die for fresh cuts and catch from sea and farmlands.

Bikers love the outdoors. And Occidental Mindoro got mountains and hills they can try their adventurous body and mind. Dive. Or take a hike. The choices are there. Being on the top of the world or deep down underwater are two of the best options that they can let their spirit fly with.

What’s the take?

With the world slowly opening, every municipality should take advantage of riders coming to Occidental Mindoro. Tourism is what we can offer best. But it’s a question of whether we have things to offer them.

A lousy tourism development drive will definitely cost a lot. Riders won’t park their motorbikes at certain municipalities with nothing to wander with. They’ll shy away and such municipality will never be part of their road diary.

Nature and its culture are Occidental Mindoro’s best selling point. A little effort to improve them can cast a spell among outgoing individuals from other provinces. Short and long terms plans in collaboration with the immediate community should be in place. They know exactly what they have in their area.

While mass and social media do the bulk of advertisements, riders’ words going from one group and sector to another can make a difference in promoting Occidental Mindoro. But local tourism authorities can go beast mode in aggressively making their town known in a bigger perspective.


Watch: Some Occidental Mindoro videos.

Years Back

Some ten or twenty years ago, hardly any group of bikers would visit the Province. The road is just too hard to deal with. And everyone will probably agree that it’s the same reason why trading agricultural and fishery products are much slower before compared to what Occidental Mindoro is having right now.

I have first-hand experience with the Province’s road back in 2009. Together with my Mom, I visited my elder brother in the Municipality of Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro.

Back then, there’s still a passenger boat trip from Batangas City Port to San Jose. We took that one believing we’ll go on a shorter journey aboard a bus going to Calintaan.

True enough, it took us a while to reach his barangay. But it can’t be denied the road is just wreaking havoc with our stuff. Mom in advanced age had herself almost thrown back and forth at her seat. She did struggle to take hold of her balance.

After a couple of days, it’s time for us to return home. We were told we can take the boat trip from Abra de Ilog to Batangas City if we want a shorter sea travel.

So again we took a bus from Calintaan to Abra de Ilog. And the circus went on.

It’s only then we realized it’s a long hurdle going to Abra de Ilog Port. But it’s all worth it. I had the chance to see much of Occidental Mindoro from the road.

Years after year, the road has improved a lot. Others may find the progress coming to Occidental Mindoro at a very slow and lackadaisical pace. But one thing remains. Progress is progress. No matter how fast or slow it may be. And the riders will be there to talk about Occidental Mindoro when they return home.

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