PUNTO MINDORO | Abra – Mamburao time and travel advisory

March 1, 2019 | Abra De Ilog, Occidental Mindoro. I have to drive my family back to Batangas. We’re not really in a hurry, so we took the 7:00pm trip aboard RORO Master 2, February 28. The weather is fine and we got cold nights. This would be great to travel since we don’t need to have our car’s aircon running throughout the trip going to Batangas. Our babies won’t be that irritated. But the thing is, I need to go back to Mamburao since I still have work to attend to the following day.

We reached Batangas port around 10:00pm and was able to get this “home sweet home” feeling by 10:30pm. I unloaded our baggages from car, had a quick meal, then went back to Batangas port by 11:30pm.

Some passengers buying ticket for 5:00am trip to Batangas.

I was hoping to board 12:00mn trip. But the next trip would be at 1:00am, March 1. Well that’s fine. I had this sigh of relief to know that, along with other passengers, I’ll be boarding Montenegro’s newest vessel Santa Carmelita.

My family and I had taken Santa Carmelita before. It’s fast and it’s travel time can be as short as two to two and a half hour from Batangas to Abra de Ilog, vice versa.

I took the opportunity to sleep on my way to Abra De Ilog. We docked the Port at 3:15am. But since there are vehicles on board, we were able to disembark around 3:30am.

Two vans have arrived at the terminal at around 4:40am to fetch supposedly 5:00am vessel passengers from Batangas.

I was looking forward to take RORO bus going to Mamburao, as per the information provided at the official site. Two buses were parked at Abra De Ilog Grand Terminal but none of them is going. There were only vans.

The first van had gone out while the second one is still filling up when I got to Terminal. I could still be on the van at the back seats. But this group of passengers paid for the seats for their bags and luggages, which the driver and dispatcher agreed with.

To cut the story short, there were three of us left behind!

RORO bus just started its engine at 5:02am.

The next vessel coming from Batangas will be at 5:00am. So we have to wait for that. At 4:40am, one van arrived at Grand Terminal. If things go right, we should be able to reach Mamburao by 730am to 8:00am. That is, if I am to take the van.

Abra De Ilog Grand Terminal’s comfort room. I hope they can keep it clean.

This should be a lesson learned, a reminder. Talking about dead hours, that’s between 12:00mn to 5:00am. One can’t be sure of available bus or van going to Mamburao or San Jose during that period of time. Buses can hit the road with below seat capacity, but not in the case of vans. Well sometime they do, but not all the time.

I suggest for you guys not to take the risk.

Inside RORO bus.

And here I am, waiting for 5:00am or 6:00am trip to Mamburao. Two vans are already here at the terminal. And one RORO bus just started its engine. And I’ll be taking that one. But I have to take a pee first.

Another good thing being at RORO bus -watching Aquaman.

It’s rea─║ly cold in here. But I again got relieved to have taken this RORO bus. Now I can look forward going to work in a while.


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