PUNTO MINDORO | 2nd Time With Montenegro’s M/V Reina Genoveva

April 28, 2019 | Batangas City

Living in Mamburao far from family is sometimes a real heart breaker. You get to miss your kids a lot, much more when you still have to cross an ocean to see them. But thanks to improved maritime vessels of Montenegro Shipping Lines with which I have been boarding in the last two months visiting my family in Batangas City.

The open viewing deck of Reina Genoveva.

And this is the second time l’m taking Reina Genoveva back to Occidental Mindoro which, if I may say, a little special.

Why is that?

Just like what I usually do, I would take photos around the vessel. Reaching the ramp from a long walk and after presenting my ticket for inspection, I started dragging my mobile phone to capture moments and images.

Settling my stuff at one of the lined up blue benches at the second deck, I walked my way at the open deck where I get to watch the vehicles boarding Genovea. And it’s there when one of Genoveva’s crews in reflectorized vest at the first deck called my attention.

The guy in blue called me up and asked if I were Punto Mindoro with others looking at my direction as well.

“Sir, kayo ga po ang Punto Mindoro?”, (Are you Punto Mindoro?) he asked with three others in dark gray suited looking at my direction.

I reluctantly nodded since, as much as possible, I prefer doing things in low key.”Thank you sir, nakikita namin ang posts nyo”, he added grinning with smile.

Well, the fact that they were able to recognize me made me smile as well. So I took a photo of them. I have to thank them as well.

After which, I decided to have a cup of coffee at the passengers deck. Counting my steps going inside, I heard and felt something flapping at my nape. I frantically turned around to see whT it is. Then it dropped on the floor.

This big yellow fella somehow found her way at my nape.

I found this big yellow butterfly. Is it a butterfly? This is my first time to see this kind of butterfly.I’m not sure if have hurt her, but she’s having difficulty composing herself.

She’s been trying to take plight but to no avail. I tried following her until she hid under the red rubber boats.

An old man also came to see this “butterfly”. But he himself is not sure what she is.I need my cup of coffee. So I went ahead and let the butterfly have her time.


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