Oksi as MIMAROPA’s sports development hub

A sports development hub would mean greater opportunity for local athletes to improve theirs skills that will give them a passport to compete in national and international sports competition.

In her speech during Tourism Unity Night before the start of November 2018 MIMAROPA Pageant, she talked with conviction and encouraged everyone about working hard until MIMAROPA reaches it’s full potentials.

Two months later, Cong. Josephine Ramirez-Sato went step closer to her contribution to her cause for MIMAROPA’s greatness with House Committee on Youth and Sports Development approving her proposed House Bill 7737 entitled “AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE OCCIDENTAL MINDORO SPORTS ACADEMY AND TRAINING CENTER IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF SAN JOSE IN THE PROVINCE OF OCCIDENTAL MINDORO”, January 29.

A photo posted at Cong. Josephine Ramirez-Sato’s Facebook page.

Submitting HB 7737 to the House in May 2018, she explained that “sports is important in the holistic development of people and individuals”, and that “it is crucial in learning leadership and sportsmanship,and is a good cultivator of an individual’s tenacity and sense of responsibility”.


Aside from Sports and Youth Development Committee’s approval, Cong. Sato’s Bill also secured the nod of House Committee on Appropriations which amended its appropriations provision. Instead of Department of Education funding Occidental Mindoro Sports Academy and Training Center through Annual General Appropriations Act (GAA), it will now be shouldered by Philippine Sport Commission with assistance from the Provincial Government of Occidental Mindoro and Municipality of San Jose.

File photo. MIMAROPA Tourism Unity Night, November 2018, at Occidental Mindoro Capitol Training Center.

Moreover, necessary steps to upgrade, improve, and modernize existing facilities, equipment, as well as its personnel, shall be undertaken by the Provincial Government of Occidental Mindoro and the Municipal Government of San Jose in coordination with Philippine Sports Commission.

During Youth and Sports Development Committee hearing, Cong. Sato gallantly defended HB 7737 , citing how it can benefit Occidental Mindoro’s nearby provinces and their towns.

“The proposed Occidental Mindoro Sports Academy and Training Center in San Jose will not only benefit the athletes of Occidental Mindoro alone. Presently, we have athletes coming in from Oriental Mindoro, Romblon, and some parts of Palawan and Antique. Because San Jose is nearer and more accessible to them than the capital towns in their respective provinces”.

Cong. Josephine Ramirez Sato

She also added that it “will therefore benefit not just Oksi, but also the Provinces of Oriental Mindoro, Romblon, Palawan, and Antique”.

With this, Occidental Mindoro will soon house and produce athletes of high caliber from MIMAROPA.


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