Mindoro Riders appeal for help for Nene

Life is a highway and everyone wants to take a ride. But Mindoro Riders is not just all about bikes and revs. They are also out in the road to help.

Mindoro Riders again lived up to their moral obligation to help fellow Mindorenos as they try to extend a Samaritan hand to a girl named “Nene” who has been bed-ridden for a year now.

Their Facebook page post hours ago says:

“Siya po ay may isang taon at kalahati ng nakaratay- nakahiga sa banig, at hindi makakilos.”

Mindoro Riders hearts bled even harder when they were told that Nene’s parents have no means to take her to hospital for medical attention.

“Wala pong kakayahan ang kanyang magulang para siya ay dalhin sa pagamutan.”


According to their Mindoro Riders, faith may have brought them at the right place when they accidentally found out about her during their mountain trek in Sitio Hinango, Brgy. Purnaga, Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro.


“Nadiskubre lamang namin ang kanyang kahabag-habag na kalagayan nuong kami ay napagawi sa liblib na lugar nila dahil pagte-trail namin sa kabundukan.”

They added that they plan to bring her to hospital and is now making an appeal to the public for some assistance.


“Ibababa po namin siya this week, at sana po ay madagdagan ninyo ang kaunting kakayahan ng aming grupo.”

At the end of the post, Mindoro Riders included members Meng Ison Paras and Eric Gonzales as contacts persons for those who have good hearts to help Nene. They may be contacted at mobile number 0939-469-3428.

Mindoro Riders have been involved with numerous outreach programs activities in the past.

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