Mayor Tria: ‘No vax, no benefits’

With the objective of ramping up the number of fully vaccinated individuals in the Municipality of Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro, Mayor Lyn Tria is trying to convince everyone to be vaccinated by withholding or delaying the release of benefits under various local government unit’s (LGU) programs.


Although she has been informing the public through her Facebook Live updates and public speaking engagements, she again reiterated the same during the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC) meeting, November 26.

Vaccination Card Requirement

Primarily, Mayor Tria is targeting to have all Mamburao LGU employees and educational assistance beneficiaries to be fully vaccinated. She said she has given instruction not to release the Christmas bonus of LGU employees who refuse to be vaccinated.

‘I have instructed our Budget Officer to require employees to present their vaccination card in claiming their Christmas bonus. The same with beneficiary-students. They won’t get their educational assistance if they are not vaccinated. Vaccination card will now be part of the requirements,’ she said.

Mamburao LGU has around 500 student beneficiaries of its Educational Assistance Program which is implemented under Mayor Tria’s office and with the support of Sangguniang Bayan which approves its budget allocation.

She also called the attention of public schools to devise a plan on how they can convince students to be vaccinated.

‘If we can have them vaccinated, that’s going to be a big addition to our number. If we have vaccinated 6,000 students, then it would be much easier to lobby for the return of face-to-face class’, she added.

National Government Objective

Mayor Tria’s objective is to support the national government’s call for vaccination. But she is more concerned about bringing Mamburao back to life comes Christmas season.

She is also batting for the return of face-to-face class next school. But says things won’t be back to normal not unless at least 70% of Mamburao’s eligible population is vaccinated.

The national government on the other hand has been ramping up efforts for its 3-day National Vaccination Day from November 29 to December 2, 2021. Mayor Tria is then putting up resources with the Municipal Health Office led by Dr. Paul Mark Rasing by conducting pre-registration in the last couple of days to increase vaccine beneficiaries from all ages.

BM Philip Ramirez of Occidental Mindoro was recognized by The Nation Builder as ‘Honorary Board Member Of The Year’. November 24, 2021.

Dr. Rasing on the other hand created a ‘break-away vaccination team’ visiting barangays outside downtown Mamburao to still accommodate those who are short of finances to visit regularly designated vaccination sites.

The public has since responded positively.

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