Mayor Lyn Tria to reward barangays with 70%-80% vaxxed population

Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro Mayor Lyn Tria is to set aside funds to reward the first three (3) barangays with a 70%-80% vaccinated eligible population by the end of December 2021.


She made the announcement during the 4th Quarter Joint Meeting of Municipal Anti Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) and Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC), November 26, with Barangay Chairmen in attendance at Hill Palm Restaurant in Brgy. Payompon.

She added she’s willing to allocate funds for said purpose and to encourage barangay officials to cooperate and participate in the government’s efforts in the vaccination campaigns.

For the reward system, Mayor Lyn Tria is giving P30,000, P20,000, and P10,000 to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd finisher respectively.

Size Matters

Barangay Chairmen then proposed that the target percentage be assigned to barangays based on their population.

Of Mamburao’s fifteen (15) barangays, Payompon, Balansay, Tayamaan have the most number of population.

Mayor Tria agreed to require smaller barangays to have 80%, a little higher compared to bigger ones which are supposed to have 70% vaccinated individuals.

She further explained that she will bring it up with Municipal IATF so as to finalize the details of the reward system.

BM Philip Ramirez of Occidental Mindoro was recognized by The Nation Builder as ‘Honorary Board Member Of The Year’. November 24, 2021.

Indigenous People

While the suggestion is widely accepted, Barangay Chairmen however expressed concern over Indigenous People’s (IP) refusal to submit themselves on vaccination based on their laws, culture, and traditions.

DILG – Municipal Local Government Operating Office (MLGOO) Memviluz Baurile at one end advised that it would be best to consult first with the provincial office of the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP).

‘I will try coordinating with NCIP, Mayor Lyn Tria will definitely support the move since it’s in accordance with her objective of increasing the number of vaccinated individuals in Mamburao’, says MLGOO Baurile.

There are barangays in the Municipality of Mamburao with IP community including the barangays of Talabaan, Fatima, Balansay, Tayamaan, Tangkalan, and San Luis.


Based on experience since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, IP communities have been cautious in establishing contact with other people. At times, the LGU is having difficulty delivering and distributing food packs assistance to their area as they remain hesitant in allowing the latter’s entry into their community.

Mayor Tria erstwhile stood firm on her ground to solicit the cooperation of barangay officials in achieving herd immunity for Mamburao.

You know Pres. Duterte has given orders not to allow non-vaccinated individuals to go inside restaurants, malls, and others. We don’t want that in Mamburao. You have the first-hand access with your constituents. We need to help each other’, she urged them.

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