Mamburao and its ginataang tuna

Mamburao is said to be the emerging tuna capital of the Philippines. This averment has put heads together with local and international media publishing stories about it.

This is no secret anyway. Mamburao is topping other tuna-producing municipalities in the Province of Occidental Mindoro. And that shouldn’t be a surprise if ginataang tuna can be found in town.


After attending the Special Session of Mamburao Sangguniang Bayan last March 20, we were invited to have lunch with them since they have prepared for everyone.


I may not have seen it, but I assume it’s Coun. Abel Pantoja who brought this ginataang tuna on the table.


It’s no secret that Councilor Abel Pantoja is into tuna industry in Mamburao. Thus, she gained the moniker “Tuna Queen”.

Going back to ginataang tuna, what we had is a medium-sized yellow fin tuna. I’m no expert in cooking. But at least I can give you some header on how it’s being cooked.


Of course, coconut milk is a must. Adorn it with chili, garlic, onion, salt, and dried calamias. You may also add some vegetable as well.

Just let it simmer until the tuna meat has softened.

Some would want it “paiga” to make sure that the flavoring blend deeply with the tuna meat.

While those things are all but basic in cooking ginataan, everyone can cook it based on their own taste and preference.


Ginataang tuna is not necessarily a Mamburao trade mark. Other municipalities or cities all over the country have their own way of conceiving ginataan tuna. And it would be great to try all of them.

But this time, I’m just all too happy to have this for lunch.


I can’t find other words to describe it. But maybe you can just take a good look of Mamburao’s ginataang tuna.

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