Mamburao can’t adopt Manila’s status yet

During the regular session of Mamburao Sangguniang Bayan, November 17, Municipal Health Officer Dr. Paul Mark Rasing relayed that the municipality’s Covid-19 status is improving with a lesser number of patients’ tests yielding negative results.

However, there is still a need for aggressive vaccination to reach herd immunity, says Dr. Rasing.


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He also added that there are only more than 20% of the municipality’s eligible population has been vaccinated and remains a far cry from the national government’s target of 70%-80%.Coun.

Municipal Councilor Bito Alastre at one end said the loosed Covid-19 health risk status currently implemented in Manila cannot be adopted in the Municipality of Mamburao.

With Mamburao’s vaccination rate, there is still a need for strict implementation of health protocols, much more with the Christmas season fast approaching.

Dr. Rasing agreed with Coun. Alastre’s position. But he remains optimistic that the community will adhere to Mayor Lyn Tria’s call to get vaccinated.

In the last couple of weeks, Dr. Rasing’s team in Municipal Health Office has been conducting vaccination. A ‘breakaway team’ was also created to conduct vaccination in barangays in an effort to get more people vaccinated.

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