Henchman Katrina Harold tries to see through Mamburao election smoke

Katrina Harold, known as Gov. Ed Gadiano’s election period henchman, attempted to clear the smoke that clouded campaign issues between newly elected Mayor Lyn Tria and former A-Teacher Partylist Representative Juliet Cortuna during her unsolicited visit to the former, July 2.

Popularly known as Gov. Ed Gadiano’s solid supporter, Katrina Harold strode her way to Mayor Lyn Tria’s office to know the latter’s side on the issues hurled against her as she ran and convincingly won the Local Chief Executive position opposite former A-Teacher Party-list representative Juliet Cortuna last May 2019 Midyerm Election, July 2.


While she admit side-swiping Mayor Tria in one of her posts pertaining to Silangan Market issue, Katrina Harold said she prefer personally hearing things from Mayor Lyn Tria. Thus, the cordial visit.

Issues with which Katrina asked for clarifications include:

  • Silangan Market
  • P25M Tangkalan Gumaer Falls Development Project
  • Isla De Oro Hotel’s falsification of business permit documents

Mayor Lyn Tria diligently answered all of Katrina’s inquiries who, one way or another, was surprised to know the truth. Mayor Tria said her claims are strongly backed and supported by documents.

Katrina Harold, during the campaign period, also took part in putting up unverified stories against Mayor Lyn Tria, including the issue on Tangkalan Falls and the alleged vote-buying.

katrina harold
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Meanwhile, Katrina also explained the purpose of SILBATO, a Facebook group she created days leading to Gov. Ed Gadiano’s oath taking ceremony. She said the group is not primarily intended to promote or check on Gov. Gadiano’s performance alone. It’s creation also stemmed from the desire to bring out the best of different municipalities instead or drawing their elected leaders six-feet under.

katrina harold
Photo from Katrina Harold’s Facebook account.

SILBATO, Katrina added, envisions itself to be the online platform the public can go to for different municipalities’ improvements and developments as it tries to bridge the gap created by previous election in Occidental Mindoro.

Mayor Tria welcomed the idea and directed her Information Officer to coordinate with Katrina Harold.

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Katrina at one point appreciated Mayor Tria’s accomodation and politeness in dealing with her.

Kayo nga po, Mayor, pero nangongo-po po kayo saken”, Katrina said.


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