Fishing aboard singapong FB Precious 1

I tried my luck in fishing by joining the crew of singapong fishing boat Precious 1 from Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro.

We embarked and headed to our destination around 5:30pm. After scaling the sea for three (3) miles, we stopped and anchored. It already dark, so we have to run the generator for us to have lights on the boat.


Lights are essential in fishing. According to boat skipper Idel Delos Reyes, lights serve as bait. The lights attract the fish until the they’re close enough to nets for hauling.

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Unlike modern fishing boats, FB Precious 1 needs to erect four bamboo poles at each corner of the boat. Instead of hydraulic cranes, these are used to manually pull the net with fish back to the boat.

We waited for couple hours before we could attract a school of fish. So as to save some energy in pulling back the net, some crew took the opportunity to sleep while others spend time fishing with their improvised hook and line.

Our skipper woke up around 2:00am. He set everyone in motion after seeing a school fish. But before the net can be hauled, lights around the boat were turned off, except one at the one. This system bring the school of fish together in one place.

Unfortunately, after dropping and hauling the net twice until early morning, we only managed to catch one bucket of fish.

Luck was not on our side this time. But that’s how it is when you’re into fishing.

We returned to the shore around 7:00am.

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