DepEd Oksi reports partially assessed Tisoy damages at P19M

In a partial report prepared by DepEd Project Development Officer II and Division DRRM Focal Person Jennifer M. Magtoto, some public schools in Occidental Mindoro suffered damages amounting to P19,517,700.00 due to typhoon Tisoy, December 3.

Submitted to Sangguniang Panlalawigan during 21st Regular Session, December 5, damaged schools include:

  • Lubang (Lubang Integrated School)
  • Abra De Ilog (San Vicente ES, Pandanan MS, Aluyan ESand Armado ES)
  • Paluan (Paluan Central School, Marikit Annex, Ignonok ES, Absukot PS, Kalangigan ES – Aglimasan Extention, Paluan CS Annex, Marikit ES, Paluan NHS, and Mamara MS)
  • Sablayan South (SABNAHIS)
  • Sablayan North (SABNAHIS Annex – Buenavista and Buenavista ES)
  • San Jose North (Central NHS)
  • San Jose West (Mapaya NHS and Yawi-Ywai I ES)
  • Magsaysay (Magsaysay NHS)

School building, classrooms, equipment, learning materials and instructional materials were the most affected by typhoon Tisoy.

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Here’s the list of damages sustained by schools with estimated cost as contained in the report:

bagyong tisoy
Photo from Jhong Largado Facebook posts.


Lubang Integrated School

  • 3 CLs – roofing | P2,071,000.00


San Vicente ES

  • 1 CL -roofing and ceiling | P100,000.00
  • Stage | P50,000.00
  • Comfort Room Outside Classroom | P50,000.00

Pandanan MS

  • Roofing of 3 CLS | P100,000.00

Aluyan ES

  • 1 Makeshift Room | P100,000.00
  • 3 CLs | P30,000.00

Armado ES

  • Feeding Room, Class Room Doors, Roofs, and Electricity Lines | P40,000.00


Paluan CS

  • 2 CLs – roofing and ceiling, 4CLs – window blades, stage – 2 yero | P40,000.00
  • Instructional Materials | P3,000.00
  • Printer | P8,000.00
  • Laptop | P25,000.00

Marikit Annex

  • 2CLs and stage – yero, flashing | P10,000.00
  • Fence – kahoy | P5,000.00

Ignonok ES

  • 2 CLs – kisame and palupo | P13,000.00

Absukot ES

  • Bamboo fence, CR roofing of Kinder Classroom | P4,000.00

Kalangigan ES – Aglimasan Extension

  • Makeshift room of Grades V & VI, Grade II & IV – yero | P8,000.00
  • Learning Materials | P1,500.00

Paluan CS Annex

  • Roofing of Grade V (comfort room), Grades I & VI and computer room | P70,000.00
  • DCP Batch 14 – 17 units | P90,000.00

Marikit ES

  • Roofing of canteen | P10,000.00

Paluan NHS

  • Library Room | P60,000.00
  • Water Pump Tent | P1,200.00
  • Water Tank | P10,000.00
  • Other minor damages | P15,000.00

Mamara MS

  • Bamboo Fence, makeshift room of Grades 3 & 4 | P25,000.00
Vice Gov. Peter Alfaro, together with members of Sanggunaing Panlalawigan, approved the resolution declaring Occidental Mindoro to be in the state of calamity, December 5, due to typhoon Tisoy.



  • 3 Storey Building Of Senior HS | P3,000,000.00


SABNAHIS Annex – Buenvista

  • 14 CLs of Senior HS (roofing and ceiling) | P1,500,000.00
  • 100 units of computer set | P2,000,000.00

Buenavista ES

  • Ceiling, Sanipa, Covered Court and Stage – roofing | P10,000,000.00


Central NHS

  • Damages estimated at P50,000.00

Mapaya NHS

  • Damages estimated at P25,000.00

Yawi-Yawi IES

  • 1 Main Door | P3,000.00


Magsaysay NHS

  • 50pcs G.I. Sheet | P50,000.00

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan has declared and placed the Province of Occidental Mindoro in the state of calamity based on the recommendation of Gov. Ed Gadiano and Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council which were supported with damage reports from different agencies and offices.

The Division Office is yet to complete their damage assessment report.


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