Cong. Sato leads inauguration of Lubang’s new public offices

The Municipality of Lubang, Occidental Mindoro led by Mayor Michael Orayani received a handful of gifts ahead of Christmas day highlighted with the inauguration of their four (4) newly constructed and completed public offices, and with Cong. Josephine Sato, Vice Gov. Peter Alfaro, Bokal AJ Rebong, Philip Ramirez and Jun Abeleda in attendance, December 18.

Cong. Josephine Sato led the inauguration of Lubang four new public offices. Photo courtesy of Cong. Josephine Sato’s Facebook page.

Receiving a big chunk of funds from the office of Cong. Sato, the Municipality of Lubang is off to a good start on 2021 as the latter led the blessing of their new Municipal Hall Building, new Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) 2-storey Building, new Lubang Satellite Campus Building of Occidental Mindoro State Colleges (OMSC), and new 2-storey, 4-classroom for Lubang Integrated School.


On October 7, Mayor Orayani took the pride of showing Gov. Ed Gadiano the on-going construction for their new P25 million municipal hall building from Cong. Sato’s congressional fund.

Bent on living up to her promises, Cong. Sato also spearheaded the distribution of land titles to beneficiaries of fifteen (15) cadastral or a map or survey showing the extent, value, and ownership of land, especially for taxation, and ten (10) agricultural land titles.

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It is to be remembered that, as per Cong. Sato’s request and invitation, together with Mayor Orayani and Vice Gov. Peter Alfaro, Occidental Mindoro Provincial Prosecutor Atty. Dante Ramirez visited Lubang on November 21, 2019 to conduct the first cadastral hearing at the sala of Municipal Trial Court Judge Vicente Montes. Said faithful day set the motion for the residents to complete the required documents for their cadastral.

First cadastral hearing at Lubang Municipal Trial Court. Photos courtesy of Ang Pamahalaang Bayan Ng Lubang Facebook page.

Ahead of said cadastral meeting, Ang Pamahalaang Bayan Ng Lubang official Facebook page on October 9 reminded the community to start processing their documents with the help and assistance of Municipal Assessor Engr. Jerryme T. Villas, DENR through CENRO, and Municipal Trial Court Office.

Photo courtesy of Ang Pamahalaang Bayan Ng Lubang.

‘Early Birds’ followed suit a day before the first cadastral hearing.

Erstwhile, to make the most and complete her visit to the municipal island, Cong. Sato handed to her financial assistance to two hundred (200) scholars from Stella Maris School.

Cong. Sato and company arrived aboard Armed Forces of the Philippine’s (AFP) Bell chopper. They also extended their gratitude and appreciation to AFP COS Gen. Gilbert Gapay and AFP Commodore Luzviminda Camacho for taking the helm of their journey en route to Lubang.

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