Almira Murillo: marry the one you really love

Almira Murillo, the long legged beauty from the Municipality of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, as I see it, is a sure fire to burn the stage comes pageant night for Binibining Arawatan 2019. But first, let’s find out what’s on her mind.

Call me a gatecrasher for bragging myself in during the audition for Binibining Turismo 2019 last October 19 at Capitol Training And Cultural Center. But I just can’t let go of the opportunity to see these lovely candidates vying for Occidental Mindoro’s most coveted crown.

Armed with cam, I took aim at them. I probably failed to capture the best of them since I only tried my luck. However, I have to thank them for still giving me their sweet and enticing smile.

But more than that, they gave me this privilege to take a peek on what they have in mind.

Actually, I wasn’t able to contact all of them. Only a handful of them. And out of their number, some were gracious enough to send me back their answers. And I really am honored to have them.

Nope. This is not a pre-pageant question-and-answer portion since I am not part of the organizing committee. But this will somehow give us a clearer picture how witty your bets are.

And we have here Ms. Almira Kaye Murillo from the Municipality of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. She’s actually the second candidate brave enough to spill her beans on me.

Here we go. Here’s how she answered my questions as what she has submitted:

almira murillo

Punto Mindoro: What made you decide to join Binibining Arawatan 2019 pageant?

Almira Murillo: It is my desire and passion to join in this prestigious event because I believe I have a talent to showcase that Occidental Mindoro should be proud of.

Punto Mindoro: Do you think you have what it takes to win the pageant? What are those?

Almira Murillo : Yes I am confident enough to win this pageant. Aside from the looks I have the talent and advocacy to help the younger Mindoreños in coping up with today’s trend.

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Punto Mindoro: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a person?

Almira Murillo : The strength which I can clearly see is my self confidence and the courage to join any beauty pageants to prove what I got as a Mindoreña . Weakness? I dont want to see my mother crying. That will definitely melt my heart.

Punto Mindoro: What is farm tourism? Do you think it can help boost Occidental Mindoro’s popularity as tourism hub in the country?

Almira Murillo : Yes. Farm tourism is the way how our farm outputs are being traded in local market and abroad. At the same time, inviting tourists to come to our beautiful province, thus, helping our farmers to boost their harvest and have a decent life to live.

Punto Mindoro: What do you think of President Duterte’s war on drugs?

Almira Murillo : Pres. Duterte have proven enough his sincerity on war on drugs. Internal cleansing was made in the AFP and PNP organizations. Up to this date, the President seeks the best ways on how to offer the best service to every Filipino.

Punto Mindoro: Are you in favor of absolute divorce to be implemented in the Philippines? Explain why?

Almira Murillo : No .If divorce is to be implemented in our country the culture of Filipino family is at stake wherein I still believe the saying “ang pinagsama ng Diyos ay huwag paghiwalayin ng tao”. But if there is no way to fix it, then let every family decide what is best for them.

Punto Mindoro: Road Construction And Widening. Stable Electricity Supply. Health Services. Among these three, which one should be prioritized and be given funds and attention by the government. Please rank them as to their importance and explain why.

almira murillo

Almira Murillo : Health services, electric stability and road widening . This how I rank them. If every family is healthy because of the good services they will be productive and can contribute well to the progress and so if electricity should be stable production will rise thus creating jobs for the many people. Road widening should not be taken for granted transportation of goods and services to and from should also be considered.

Punto Mindoro: Assuming you won and was chosen as Binibining Arawatan 2019, what will be your advocacy?

Almira Murillo : If I win in this pageant, my advocacy is to help my kababayan in promoting our Farm Tourism in social media as a tool and patronizing our own products. To influence the millennial to use local goods from our province instead of imported one.

Punto Mindoro: The winning Binibining Arawatan 2019 is expected to take the role of a Provincial Tourism Ambassadress. What do you think will be her duties and responsibilities?

Almira Murillo : I believe it is a tough job to be Tourism Ambassadress. But I believe that thru the Guidance of the Lord and the people in the tourism department, I can take the role and responsibilities in promoting Farm Tourism aside from the values a modern Mindoreña should have.

Punto Mindoro: Are you in a relationship right now? How do you handle it? I mean, what do you do to keep your relationship strong?

Almira Murillo : I am in a relationship which centers around respect and trust. We believe in our most right time love prevails.

Punto Mindoro: What are the qualifications/characteristic a man should have to win your heart?

Almira Murillo : Someone who is willing to love not only the good in me but also my flaws.

Punto Mindoro: What is your idea of an ideal wedding?

Almira Murillo : Simple wedding with two hearts beat as one…meaning marry the one you really love.

Punto Mindoro: What would you prefer for breakfast: tuyo with sunny side up fried eggs plus rice or tocino paired with longganisa and rice?

Almira Murillo : Anything will do specially if it is prepared by my Mom.

Punto Mindoro: What’s your daily morning routine, like morning rituals?

Almira Murillo : Getting up from bed. Giving thanks to God for giving me another day. Eats breakfast. Go to a shower and prepare for school.

almira murillo

Punto Mindoro: How do you spend your free time?

Almira Murillo : I spend my free time by doing facial arts or doing make up if I have no scheduled gig.

Punto Mindoro: If given the chance, what project/program would you ask from Cong. Nene Sato to further protect the rights pregnant women?

Almira Murillo : Every pregnant women should be treated preciously for she is carrying a gift From God. I should suggest a law that protect her from abuse and services should be made available.

Punto Mindoro: If given the chance to become Occidental Mindoro’s Provincial Governor, what tourism project would you implement and how would you do it?

Almira Murillo : There are lots of projects in our tourism all we need is to polish, promote and a need for a governance to pursue projects implementations.

Punto Mindoro: Assuming you have the chance to talk with Vice Gov. Peter Alfaro, what legislation would you ask him to pass in Sangguniang Panlalawigan? Why?

Almira Murillo : If I were given a chance to talk to Vice Gov I would suggest that farm outputs trade should be given priority to help our farmers.

Punto Mindoro: If given the chance, what project would you ask for Bokal Philip Ramirez to implement for the youth of Occidental Mindoro?

Almira Murillo I would ask Bokal Philip to strengthen youth forums which advocate patronizing and promoting our own farm trades in any social media platforms .

Punto Mindoro: What will be your advice to young ladies who are also dreaming of joining beauty pageants?

Almira Murillo : Dream big and believe in yourself. Give it a try. Take the first step to be you.

There you have it guys. So what do you think?

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